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Good Study techniques – Study like a genius

The following notes were taken from a lecture “Study like a genius”  by Woody Robertson


  •   Studies have shown the best breakfast before learning (or taking a test) is a high protein breakfast – nuts, smoothies, etc
  • NO Caffeine! He said it was a drug ( I wanted to hide under my chair after I heard that)
  • Make sure to get 8 hours of sleep each night.  Some of history’s famous inventors and genius’ would take a short nap in the day and when they woke up (20 min) all their thoughts had sorted out and they could understand what they couldn’t before. So, if you child is drained , take a break.
  • Cardio in the morning gets the oxygen in your brain moving
  • drink water
  • use your hands as your read, you will read faster, you will have more concentration and your eyes won’t roam – which they do when your reading – you just haven’t realized it yet. You hands blocks other words and helps you keep focus
  • Always find a a quiet place – no music
  • consider learning speed reading and memorization skills. I tested myself, I read 310wpm and when I used my hand to follow along, it increased to 410wpm – pretty cool.  Drill: find something you’ve already read, reread it 2x and then another 2x and the 4th time read it normal. Take in as much info as possible. According to the speaker, if you do this drill for 3 weeks, for 16 min, 2x a day -am and pm – you will see an increased change in ability to take in more information.  I’m not convinced, but I’d love to speed read.  Maybe I’ll try it. The fastest reader today can read 50,000wpm- that’s crazy. I want to do that.
  • More tips on speed reading:  1st skim entire book, 1 page per second and run thumb down page to get an idea of what is in book. 2nd scan chapter to read 3rd – read at your pace with your hand. 4th keep your speed, if you don’t understand something, you’ll mark it with a quick pencil mark but keep going. 5th give yourself 20 minute segments of learning, take a 3-5 min change of scenery break and keep on. 6th remember! use your memory skills – what did I just read? have a mental picure -fpg file, picture and glue it in your brain – make a rhyming list to help you memorize or a story plot to help you memorize.


Check out the FREE audio downloads from college plus  I thought their resources were great and full of good information. Check it out , I liked the bachelors degree by 18, it gives you a lot to think about.

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Homeschool Freebies: Free Lesson downloads/ ebooks and more -History Homeschool sites and videos

Below are a few free deals I’ve seen this week and good sites to visit for more freebies. 2 expire at the end of this month- June 30, 2014



Great Deals

***ends 6-30-14 – 19 gifts from homeschool vendors  for $19 plus a 3 month membership to***

Home School Classified Ads

Kindle edition 12 books Anne of Green Gables for $ .99


check out these sites for more freebies and giveaways: 





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Freezer Cooking – Quick Meals for busy Moms: 7- 14 (or more) freezer meals ready

I like to prepare the meats for meals and freeze – not the entire meal.  It’s easy to make the side dishes or noodles, so this makes it easy and stress free. The cook and freeze process usually takes about 3-4 hours of my time – or seems that way….If you decide to start, start small because sometimes preparing too much (with kids running around) can be too much. I’d start with the ground meat recipes first and next time add more – chicken and turkey.

My Cooking Plan

This recipe would prepare you for 5-9 meals (or up to 13 meals if you decide to cook chicken and turkey(or a crockpot meal) also): 2 spaghetti and meatball dinners, 2 ziti meals, taco night, meatloaf, and burgers for a family of 4-5. (If you have extra meat, you can also make meat for shepherds pie, chili and picadillo – see below sauce for picadillo and recipe for chili).  There are more recipes below if you want to try to go big- If you do, get a frozen turkey breast and enough chicken breast for 3 meals.  I  like to freeze  my foods with some kind of sauce or marinade to keep them from drying out.

Ground Meat: 

I buy about $30 worth of ground beef or one large package at Costco for $25.00 ( you will need more if you want to prepare chili, picadillo and meat for shepherds pie)


Ground beef, bread crumbs, parmesan, egg, seasonings, salt, taco dry flavoring, Pam, 5 cans of Hunt’s tomato sauce (or any other kind you like) and any other ingredients you prefer in you meat. These extras are optional. MIX it up!
You will also need tin foil and freezer bags .

Tools: Pan for meatballs, pan for meatloaf, skillet to brown taco meat, spatula, colander to drain grease off of meat. Sharpie pen to label

Extra ingredients you will need later for meals

spaghetti noodles, ziti noodles, mozzarella cheese to melt on top of ziti, taco shells and all the fixings, rice, peas, mash potatoes, side dishes for meatloaf (baked potato and green beans), green, red, yellow, orange peppers, garlic, onions, sofrito sauce, Fettuccine, alfredo sauce, optional: olives, raisins, bay leaf, cubed potatoes for picadillo meat extras. If you are making chili- fat free wraps and sour cream, 4+cans of diced tomatoes, pinto beans, kidney beans- red, chili seasoning, oregano, garlic, onion (see link to ww recipe below)



Turn oven on to 350

Meatballs/Ziti :, begin shaping meatballs – I usually make 13 per family night. I suggest making enough for 4 meals- 2 spaghetti nights and the other two sets can be broken up to make a delicious ziti dish. After making 52 meatballs – hopefully on one tray – doesn’t matter if they touch, pour a little tomato sauce over meatballs so they don’t dry out.

Meatloaf: Shape meat for meatloaf in a small bread pan, sometimes I only make half because we don’t eat an entire meatloaf. you can make a full pan and split it in half for two meals – freeze separately. Cook time and temperature is same as meatballs above – cover pan with tin foil.

Burgers: Set aside enough meat for tacos and if any meat is left over, shape into burgers and put into oven with the meats above. I like to put a little tomato sauce on each one, it keeps it from drying out. Always cover with tin foil.

Instructions:  Cover pan with tin foil and cook all for about 45 minutes. Sometimes Ill cook the last 5-10 minutes without the tin foil.  Cut open a meatball to make sure it’s cooked thoroughly. Let fully cool and put in a freezer bag – pour sauce over meatballs, seal , date and freeze. You should have 5-6 freezer bags of food.

To cook meal after freezing: for the meatballs, I put them in a pan with sauce and warm up while I cook spaghetti noodles. For Ziti, I warm up as I cook ziti noodles and cut meatballs up into smaller pieces. I mix the meat and ziti, pour tomato sauce over dish, cover with mozarella chese and put in over at 350 until cheese is melted. Serve with garlic bread. For Meatloaf, you can take out day before and that in fridge or take out that night, pour sauce over meatloaf , cover with tin foil and warm in oven.

Tacos : Heat skillet – optional brown onions and peppers before hand for more taste- brown meat for tacos, when cooked, put in taco seasoning with water, let cool . Put in freezer bag and label.

All in all you should end with 5- 7 dinners prepped. I try, for my family of 5, to try to keep each meal under $10.

Shepherds Pie and Picadillo:
  If you have extra meat,  you can make meat with gravy for shepherds pie (brown meat on skillet – mix with gravy and freeze)- serve over mashed potatoes and peas also spanish picadillo – brown meat and put mix ( put in blender – meat sauce, sofrito, peppers, onion, garlic) pour this mix over cooked meat and freeze ( some people like to add cubed cooked potatoes, raisins, olives and bay leaf to picadillo also – serve over rice with a side of black beans.

Chili – I always try to make this if I have enough meat. My kids love it and so does my husband. It’s the Weight Watchers Chili Recipe : meat, diced tomatoes, pinto beans ( we also add red kidney beans), oregano, salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic, onion, peppers. I try to make about 4 servings, freeze 3 bags and serve chili the night I cook. We either eat it heated in a bowl or put in a fat free wrap with sour cream. Delish!

Ready to add more ???

Make (Crockpot) Turkey: Get up early and start the crock pot while you prep for your freezer cooking. I like to put in a small turkey breast with stock, gravy, cut potatoes, carrots – check online for recipe you like. The turkey can be cut in two usually for two separate meals.

BBQ chicken, Parmesan chicken, chicken fettuccine : Throw a chicken breast in the oven with the meats as well. Cover 4 with bbq sauce, another with parmesan and spices  and another 4 with peppers and orange juice. You can also cut them before cooking into cubes and use for dishes- salad, fettuccine, sandwiches, chicken salad, etc. You can make chicken Parmesan or chicken fettuccine. Delicious!

Extra Ideas:  I get a large bag of Peppers and another one of Onions. Cut in small pieces – chop or slice and put in freezer bags. They can be quickly added to any meal and it’s a great help. If your children don’t like peppers, onions and garlic, I have found putting them in a blender with meat sauce is delicious. Your children wont notice it at all.

I hope this helps. It makes life and dinner planning easy and stress free.


More Ideas for freezing”

  1. shredded carrots
  2. chopped cooked chicken breast – don’t overbake
  3. brown beef with onions
  4. brown beef with tomatoes and seasoning
  5. baking mixes for muffins or breads – dry mix
  6. pancake mix, roll mix
  7. cookie dough – in logs or small rolls
  8. pbj sandwiches
  9. meat and cheese sandwiches but no mayo
  10. apples – peel and put a little lemon on it  and freeze
  11. label everything!
  12. cream cheese and sour cream potatoes
  13. go to pinterest crock pot freezer cooking for ideas
  14. check out and
  15. use airtight containers or freezer bags from dollar store (use straw to take out air)
  16. plan you week’s menu




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Home school high school: preparing for college (Florida) Clep, Dual Enrollment, scholarships, common app, preparing transcripts

Many of the sites listed below were given at the FPEA conference during lectures ( and additional research) about preparing for college. Topics covered:  Common App, AP, Scholarships, Course Requirements, Testing, 4 year planning, transcripts, etc.

Talent searches mentioned: (start in middle school or younger)

More Info and sites to review:

Florida Graduation Requirements 4 options listed

Bright Futures Scholarship:

  • Bright Futures for Home School Students: is for Florida students entering Florida colleges. There are 3 levels of bright futures; Academic FAS, Medallion FMS and the Gold seal vocational. Required : 4 maths, 4 years of English,3 years of Science with lab- Chemistry, Anatomy, Biology, Marine Biology, Physics. American History, Gov and Eco, Social Studies and 2 credits of a foreign language. 1/2 year of health,1/2 PE aka HOPE.
  • ACT/SAT Scores for bright futures= 1200+/29+ . For FMS it is 11701+/26+ and for homeschool students (?) its 1220+/27+.  Homelife shared this information. They help homeschoolers prepare for college and offer a service to keep transcripts and offer high school diplomas. Make sure you write course numbers down for the high school courses you take, they said this will be a big help when you begin your transcripts.  Check out their site and recommended courses if you plan on attending a 4 yr university :College bound students chart B. Volunteer hours needed for B.F. – 100 hours for FAS, 75 hours for Medallion and 30 hours for Gold seal.
  • Bright futures scholarship awards FAS- 4 year university -$103 per hour per semester=$1200 (FMS pays $77) 2 year college – $63/ phps (FMS pays $48) Fla. Public College – $71/ sem. hour ($63 to get AA) Tech center – $52 ($38 fms)
      • A parent-generated transcript will not be accepted for Bright Futures evaluation.  Bright Futures accepts only sealed, official transcripts from the following sources:
          • Florida public high school,
          • Florida Virtual School,
          • Dual-enrollment coursework from a Florida state (community) college or university, FDOE-registered private high school.
    • In order to submit transcripts, a Florida private school must be registered with the FDOE School Choice Office. Registration confirmation will be required for a minimum of the last academic year indicated on the transcript.  To confirm that a school met the registration requirement, you may contact the School Choice Office by e-mail or call toll-free 1-800-447-1636.

Start preparing now: Make a 4 year plan, visit campuses, write a novel, do something different in your summer time like independent studies – put everything in your portfolio. Consider: how rigorous are your studies? learn to take tests (more test = higher scores), community service, extra curricular activities, part time job, look into congressional award

  1. In 9th grade start your 4 year plan, community service, leadership skills. list of preparations for 9th grade from Westminster Academy
  2. In 10th grade begin taking SAT tests. Lowest scores don’t count and its a good way to prepare for testing.  The ending scores will be the highest score on both parts of test. The best morning breakfast before a test is a high protein breakfast. It’s recommended to take SAT prep courses in summer. list of preparations for 10th grade
  3. In 11th grade, try to get into dual enrollment. Make sure to keep your grades up and start your testing. Start visiting colleges.PSAT : list of preparations for 11th grade from Westminster Academy
  4. In 12th grade fill out your FAFSA form form



At Broward College

Dual Enrollment classes at Bryan College- about $300 per class

Early College at


CLEP TESTINGClep advising – from what I heard, a lot of AP high school courses could prepare you to clep out of college classes. For example, the Apologia Biology, an AP biology course, is similar to the college course (Saxon math also). After you finish course you sign up for a clep test on college biology (prepare!) and when passed, you now have a college credit for the course and you don’t need to take it. I heard pros and cons on this.  According to what I heard, If you have too many classes clepped or completed through dual enrollment, it may get in the way with being approved for scholarships. If you have too many credits you won’t be considered a freshman, but will be considered a transfer student. This can nullify scholarships fyi – not all colleges accept clep exams. Clep yahoo group with info. Another site with more information :  and Clep prep





AP courses – 3 ways to take AP courses: online (see , with a teacher or high school. $45 AP test  from College board website  to receive college credit with a score of 3+. Register for exams
ome schools accept AP courses as credit. 34 ecams are offered, they are 3 hour long, high scores are considered for scholarships, exams offered only once a year in May


Other Ideas mentioned: some students benefit from taking one subject at a time and finishing course in 3 months.  For instance, math and writing would always be a daily constant but you would do science every day for 3 months (map it out on calendar to finish on time) and then start history when science ends. I heard this worked good for a lot of students – keeping focus on one subject all the time instead of skipping around and trying to remember what you did yesterday.

Degree by 18-  Home school students are receiving a 4 year degree by senior year. It seems it can be done cheaper than regular college.  Thomas Edison State College was the main college discussed. According to what I heard, they take almost every clep test so a student can enter with almost 1-2 years already finished. More information : College Plus. There are pros and cons to this, I wasn’t sold on this for some reason. I  need to look into it further.

Online Florida College Options

Overwhelmed? Get help through (paid) services such as: Homelifeacademy or The Home Scholar
Increase SAT scores with College Prep Genius and Prepping for college

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Elementary Science – US Parks – Yellowstone National 3rd grade home school

The link below from awesome science is a Good Learning resource for kids. The  cost $1.99,  but I saw it  on TV, channel NRB called “The Awesome Science Series”.

Extra resources : (ecosystem, animals, geysers, volcanoes and more)

Learn about Geysers:

Volcano under Yellowstone – Supervolcano


Yellowstone for kids – check out the match the antler to the animal game

Become a Ranger:



Printable Map of US – National Yellowstone park is in three state, have student color the 3 states


If you have a brainpop account, they have a short video about energy source and a small part
includes geysers –


More Information:


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Do Schools Kill Creativity? Sir Ken Robertson



For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.
 My frame was not hidden from you
    when I was made in the secret place,
    when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
    all the days ordained for me were written in your book
    before one of them came to be.
 How precious to me are your thoughts,[a] God!
    How vast is the sum of them!
 Were I to count them,
    they would outnumber the grains of sand—
    when I awake, I am still with you.

Psalm 139:13-18


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Home School Curriculums 2014 FPEA Florida Convention 2014 Orlando vendor list

I recently went to the Orlando FPEA 2014 Convention. I listed the vendors and things I learned along the way.

Here are a few homeschool curriculums/camps/books… I’d like to look further into that I found at the convention

 My favorite products:

1-Constitutional Literacy Workbook and DVD Set  $99, Full curriculum on the Constitution. 25 DVD’s by Farris from HSLDA , (for Middle School, High School, and families) Textbook put together by HSLDA Attorney Mike Farris and Apologia. Mike Farris is a great teacher, I can’t wait to learn this too. I think everyone needs to understand our laws. I plan on purchasing soon (need to cool down with the spending for a while) He kept my full attention through all his lectures . See link to purchase:
   Click link below to watch 1st dvd and see list of DVD’s. This site only sells the DVD package. The site I posted above sells the DVD’s with the workbook for full curriculum.

2- GeographyAround the World in 180 days

3- Teaching Textbooks for Geometry

4-I heard that Total Language Plus was a good language arts program from many people, but havent seen it myself

5-Jim Weiss history audio CD’s – were great! from GreatHall Productions, I was mesmerized with history and couldn’t stop listening. I learned in 1 hour what my high school teacher tried to teach me for months. If you try ,  I was told to start with Thomas Jefferson CD. He also reads the Stories of the World, fairy tales and more.  Good CDs for travel also. Request a Brochure.  I walked by this booth at convention and thought ‘boring!’. I was not interested in history or listening to a storyteller – how weird, I thought. However, I purchased Jim Weiss’ lecture from the conference and I loved it! I listened to all of his lectures and I was sold. He makes history fun and exciting. I really enjoyed it.

6- Adventures in Odyssey CD’s – good to listen to at night and many people had good reviews on their chapter books.

7- Draw to Learn Psalms – I bought this for my 3rd grader, but I think it would be good for younger ages also. A short verse is on top of each page and the rest of page is for child to color a description of that Psalm( while you read or after you read). For instance. I read Psalm 1 and she colored a picture describing herself meditating on God’s Word as she sat under a tree by a river. Each page also offers ideas for the children to draw. They have other books too – Proverbs, Acts, Paul and Jesus. It’s a no stress or fight bible study. I like it -$14.95- By the end of year, you and your child will have read the entire book of Psalms.

More information:

Monarch Online :  – No books, No installations. Online Homeschooling online learning carefully selected by FLVS and common core. Classes: Math, Tutoring, Test prep, learning apps, learning games, GED prep, etc.

Cornerstone Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks  (Math)After searching for months, I finally decided to order Geometry from teaching textbooks. I hope it’s good. I liked the layout and the CD’s which thoroughly explained each problem.

Shiller Math ” Zero lesson prep, 4 learning styles used, diagnostic testing,  Cathy Duffy Review:

Right Start Math :  I was really impressed with this curriculum.  They offer(sell) a lot of hands on math supplies (that are required for lessons-see sample pg 3 below) and it is taught as a montessori math program. I would like to order it for my elementry child but it seems, and reviews second this, that there is a lot of work for the parent and a large investment in supplies. They offer a Math games book which looks really good and fun.  I was under the impression that I would only need the books and an abacus, but reading through sample lessons, I see that more is required. I read and heard from others that there are not enough worksheets or problems with lessons. I don’t mind putting in extra time and I love math, but it does seem a little overwhelming. I still may order it. Here is a sample lessson for 3rd grade :

MathUSee and review:  (I could not find this vendor at the convention? I looked a few times) MathUSee was on the top 101 list with Cathy Duffy.

Mammoth Math :  This math program was on the Cathy Duffy’s top 101 list, I don’t quit understand it, but worth looking into.

Timberdoodle:  They offer complete curriculums preschool through 12th grade. An example for 6th grade would run you $279-669 includes grammar, spelling, math (teaching textbooks), geography, doodle, reading, typing, chess, anatomy, uncle sam and you bundle, Sketch, Spectrum Test practice, Smencil and more. Wow, that’s a lot, seems like they do the curriculum picking for you. You can mix it up and pick what you do or don’t want.  Not bad, but I like to spend hours and months searching for the perfect program per subject, but that’s just me. This sounds like a good deal if you don’t want to spend long annoying hours trying to figure it all out.

Home School Piano  30 Free day membership. Teacher, Willie, is a father of 3 and graduated from Berkley College of Music in Boston. He has a 4 step program to learning. Looks interesting…..

Memoria Press Classical Curriculum : Memoria has the whole set up package for classical. For example, 3rd grade is $400. Includes lesson plans, Latin, Lit, Greek myths, Christian studies, Cursive, States and capital, Astronomy, Rod and Staff Math, Rod and Staff Spelling, Grammar, Composition, Poetry, Timeline program, ….then for another $450 you can buy supplements -11 Novels, 25 Picture books hmmmmm (Prek is $140 for full set not including supplements of 34 books for $340) I can’t stop looking at this catalog, I don’t know why, check it out. – for live classrooms and 24-7 support

Christian youth ranch camp in Tampa, Florida. For info call Calvary Community Church at 813-4328. 1 week camp for $150

Family Camp-(from Alert)- This looks like a lot of fun! It’s on a 2200 acre Alert campus in Texas.  I want to go.

Tampa Youth Ranch

IGovern, through Generation Joshua is a summer leadership camp for teens: politics, civics, government, adventure, mock politics, fundraising, lobbying, speakers. They have East coast, West and Pacific. (Virginia, Colorado and Hawaii)

IEW – I keep hearing about this- it’s a grammar writing program, from what I understand “Essentials in Writing”. It comes with DVD’s and worksheets. Code if buying : FPEA 🙂

Analytical Grammar  I used this curriculum this year and it was perfect for us. My 10th grader (freshly out of public school) started this program this year. I  think she only had about 6 months total of grammar in public school.  We had the teachers guide, student’s guide and the DVD set. We didn’t use the DVD’s that much , maybe 4 or 5x. My daughter prefered to read the lesson and do the problems and diagrams.  It was a great start getting back on track with grammar. Program does not have writing or composition. The convention booth was busy when I walked by, I wanted to let them know how much we liked AG. We finished book, we would work on grammar 2-4 days per week at 30-45 minutes a day. I didn’t see a final exam in book, I wish there was one. I’m making my own final.

Classes by Beth – this is interesting, check out : Online and live courses with teachers, not cheap, but it is about the same cost if you were in a group taught lesson once a week for year.

MollyGreen Magazine :  $7.95/ month, phew sounds pricey to me, check out her site, maybe you’ll like it.

Dianne Craft Help for Dyslexia, Dyspraphia, Math, Memory, Speech, ADD, ADHD, Autism:  She has developed a program for 1st – 8th graders to acheive a 2 year growth in reading, writing and math in one year. Includes daily sessions (45min) for reading, spelling ,writing and math.

30 weeks Ready Made Preschool  – This looks like a great idea. I don’t have preschoolers and I didn’t get a chance to fully check it out, but  I can imagine it would be very helpful to a mom who is about to have a newborn, working or just needs a helping hand. Here’s a good review :  This program has 30 weeks of lessons,  supplies, hands on learning and no prep work. I like this already.

HSLDA :  ( I have lots to say on this, but I think I’ll make it another post) lots of great information.  Yearly membership is about $90ish

MoneySavingMom  This convention table seemed to stay busy all weekend. She had one or more lectures that I haven’t listened to yet, but I plan on doing so soon. I don’t know how I could be any cheaper so I really didn’t check it out, but now that I look at her flyer, I may reconsider.  She recommends :, ,,,,,,, (organic and natural). She mentions to stop by starbucks or McD’s on sunday afternoon for coupons, print coupons online : and search product name and printable coupon. ( I like She has a great sample menu for week : Pasta, stir fry, crock, pizza, soup/salad/sandwich and new things on the weekend – wow! I almost want to cook.  She lists 25 ways to save money without coupons, here are a few: plant a garden (I’m laughing – I need a course on that first), water down the milk for baking, make your own mixes, ditch cereal (amen to that), keep leftovers, order groceries online (what? where?), eat from pantry ( not a problem), use a crock pot (but my husband doesn’t like his food to touch other food, where can i get help?) buy in bulk, go to dollar store (no comment)….fun aside, this sounds great!  I wouldn’t mind hiring her to help me with my next shopping trip. I’m going to check out her site and update you soon. Sounds good!

Boxadoo  – Boxado is an online planning system for the homeschool mom and child/children. My husband thought this was the best thing ever. The price was very reasonable. The parent plans out the lesson plans for the day, the child logs and checks everything off. It’s more detailed than that, but like I said, my husband could have stayed here all day and watched promos. I think I still prefer to write out my lesson plans, maybe Ill change? There was another similar online planning schedule system at convention also. If I remember name, I’ll post it. They were a bit more money. My husband was concerned that neither had a 24 hour service line, but I can’t imagine needed a lot of help with this program. Keeps everything organized and prepped for a good portfolio.

Celebrate Calm– okay, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this guy was sprinkling magic dust on his audience because people were lining up to pay $197 for 4 CD’s like it was their last piece of bread.  He talked on discipline and every wonderful thing you dream your family would be – perfect… he had great advice, no doubt. I was at the table, my husband wanted to buy a few CD’s. We thought they would be $20-$25 but holy smokes! “We have a special for $197 for 4 CD’s”  I think that’s ridiculous. Someone tell me otherwise and send me some of that magic dust, I need it to convince my husband of a few things.
Championship Chess  Chess for homeschool. Learning Chess is on my bucket list. I never got past chinese checkers, but I play a mean game of pool.  Anywho, I thought this was interesting.  I never knew anyone who played chess, never saw anyone play chess – where do you learn to play chess? I don’t get it.

Mango Languages – Mango was the first booth I stopped at, hence… why I received my first lecture on how to walk a convention , from my husband. Mango is a foreign language learning online program. It’s different than Rosetta Stone. Mango actually translates for you (so you don’t guess as Rosetta has you doing) I was impressed. In 3 short minutes I learned how to say where is the train, where is the train going and where is the restaurant – and I still remember. I don’t know if this would get a student through the SAT, but it is excellent if you will be traveling. I only had a 3.5 minute tour, so check it out.

Bible Studies:

Mailbox club (I had this as a kids and I loved it)  They have age appropriate studies, student reads and answers questions, mails answer sheet back, and then it will be graded and returned with the next level. indepth study of the bible. They gave out sample booklets at the convention. It looks interesting and a little confusing, but I think it was because the sample books didn’t give enough information. According to the paperwork I received, they have maps, diagrams, word studies, assignments, etc. She also offers 4 college credits that look really interesting. Check it out.

Sword Study  From what I understood at the convention, Sword Study is a bible study for the family. Each family member has their own book – Dad, Mom, kids…(5 different levels for every family member) I didn’t look to long at this, it looked interesting, but then they said – okay and then your husband needs one and I thought I heard her say it was $90 and then I walked – but hold on! I just checked out the site that sells this and I must have heard wrong –, they range from $16-$19. It’s worth checking out.

Home School Film Academy: They write, produce, film and deliver shows to broadcast on National Geographic, BBC and Discovery. How cool is that? If only I could convince my kids. Classes are once a week in Winter Garden, Florida and are $30/week. waaaaa too far from me.


Bibleline Institute, Online college, ministry of Florida Bible College of Tampa   3 options : Degree seeking $150 credit hour, Certificate seeking $150 Credit hour(with testing and grading), or Audit(no testing or grading, but full access to materials) only $35

Florida Bible College of Tampa : See website above

 Alphabetical list of other vendors at convention:

 360 Fun Learning . A Beka AcademyA Beka Book  A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft)  Abiding Truth Ministry, Inc.   Academy of Science for Kids (ASK)   Accelerated Christian Education   Accountable Kids   American Heritage Girls   American School   American Standard Playing Cards   Americans for Prosperity Florida   AMO® Enriched Curriculum   Apologia  Artistic Pursuits Inc.   Arts Attack (Atelier Art)   Ave Maria University  Bilingual Books, Inc. BJU Press/HomeWorks by Precept  BoardShare, Interactive Whiteboards   Boggy Creek Airboat Rides  Bows by Lisa Luann      BYU Independent Study   Calvert Education Services   Camp Cedar Cliff   Cat and Dog Theology: UnveilinGLORY  CCI Greenheart   Cedarville University    Celebration Family Chiropractic
Center for Neurosomatic Studies   Chalk Dust Company      Chess Matters   Christian Light Education    Christian Statements Vinyl Wall Designs   Circle Christian School    Classical Academic Press   Classical Conversations
Clearwater Christian College    College Prep Genius   CollegePlus   Collegis Education   Colonial Williamsburg Foundation    Convention of States Project   Cornerstone Curriculum   Creating A Masterpiece   Creation Ministries International   Creation Studies Institute   Critical Thinking Co.    DIVE Into Math and Science   Doc’s Discovery Books
Doorposts    Ebaru Publishing /  Educating for Success   EF Educational Homestay Programs   Egglo Eggs   Emmaus Bible College    Equip Education    Essentials in Writing   Exploration Education Science   Explorer’s Bible Study   eVirtual Academy    Finding Joy   Florida Baptist Children’s Homes  Florida Bible College of Tampa   Florida College Florida Eagle Forumlorida Film AcademyFlorida International College Florida Parent Educators Association Florida Science Olympiad Florida Surveying & Mapping Society FLorida Virtual School   Forever Family Farm   Fort Magic  FPEA Mentoring Moms   FPEA Foundation   Frederic  Gray    Friends4One    Fun Spot America    Gatorland   GeoMatters   GeoMotion TV   Good Steward Books   Good Things Company   Grade Squad Virtual Math Tutoring   Great Products  Greathall Productions  Greenbot LLC  Growing Healthy Homes  Hal and Melanie Young Handwriting Without Tears   Here To Help Learning  Heritage Action for America   Historical Conquest   Holmquist Eduactional Consultants, Inc.   Home Education Foundation   HomeLife Academy  Homeschool Foundation    HomeSchool Grad Stuff   Homeschool Manager   Homeschool Spanish Academy   HomeSchoolPiano  I Rest My Case – Pillowcase Designs  iBrick Academy
If Then Movement  Institute for Creation Research      James Madison Institute    Jewish Outreach International
Jim Hodges Audio Books     Kingstone Comics    Kirby Family Farm    Knight’s Book Knook ( KBK )    Kolbe Academy
La Clase Divertida (The FUN Class!) Spanish   Lake Placid Camp and Conference Center   Lamplighter Publishing
Landmark’s Freedom Baptsit Curriculum   Latin Road / Phonics Road   Laurel Springs School   Learn Differently
Learn to Learn   LEGO Education    LEGOLAND Florida    Lemonhass    Liberty University School of Law       LifeWay Advisors    Little Passports   Logic of English   Loving Truth Books & Gifts   Mad Science    Master Books    Mathnasium    MaxScholar    Medieval Times USA    Mega Verses      Miller Pads and Paper  Mr. D Math
Murray’s Technical Education  Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)   Nancy Larson Science    National Center for Biblical Parenting   Natures Workshop Plus    Nest Family Entertainment    New Horizons for Children    New Tribes Bible Institute    Notgrass Company    Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra    Parent Choice Games, LLC    Patrick Henry College   Pensacola Christian College    Perfect Pickler    PictureThis! Ministries    Positive Action Bible Curriculum   Progeny Press    Progress Academy    QubitsToy    Queen Homeschool Supplies, Inc. Queenstown Technologies LLC.    R.O.C.K. Solid Home School Books   Rainbow Resources    Real Science-4-Kids
Recon    Reedy River Vintage Books    Reformation Bible College   Rock of Israel   Rosetta Stone Ltd.   RTS Missions
Samaritan Ministries  Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas Child  Saxon Homeschool   Science on Demand with Catie Frates   Seminole State College of Florida  Sequential Spelling   Seton Testing Services  ShatterPoint  Entertainment   Shelby Kennedy Foundation  Simply Charlotte Mason  SKrafty Homeschoo Minecraft  Smith Prep
Solomon’s Secrets  Sonlight Curriculum   Source of Light Ministries   Speak My Word Ministries   STL Ocarina   Stem Sims   Sue Dickson’s Songs That Teach   Tapestry of Grace  The Amazing Adventure  The Baptist College of Florida
The Brinkman Adventures   The Busy Mom   The Etiquette Factory    The Heritage Foundation   The Home School Counselor   The King’s College    The Knowledge Exchange    The Learning Connection   The Master’s College Online
The Medical Transcription Service    The Merritt Way    The Old Schoolhouse    The Puzzle Corner     The Scuba Gym
The Superhero Training Network   Time4Learning    Total Language Plus    Trail Life USA    Trinity Baptist College
Trinity College of Florida    Universal Orlando Resort   University of Florida Online Concurrent Enrollment  Usborne Books & More    Veritas Press   Verti-Gro, Inc   VideoText Interactive Homeschool Math   Visualize World Geography   Warner University    Well-Planned Day Planners and Home Educating Family Magazine    Westgate River Ranch Resort  Wings to Soar Online Academy  WonderWorks    Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.    Word Traveling    WordBuild by Dynamic Literacy    Wordy Worm® Reading    Worldview Academy  Writing Strands    X Plus Products    Youth Basketball of America
Youth Digital    YWAM Publishing