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Abeka Science grade 6 review Observing God’s world and Choosing Good Health

Well, the year is almost over and I thought I’d do a review on a few of my 6th grade picks


Abeka Health was really good! It was interesting, easy to read and full of great information. They covered everything from how to handle heat strokes, snake bites, emergency situations, safety, water safety, nutrition, immunity, drugs, and more. It was a really good book and I’m so glad we used this.

Abeka health came with the Abeka science book, I wasn’t too excited about this book and we didn’t finish it. It broadly covered many topics without explanations. My daughter would finish chapter with words and facts memorized but no real understanding. Some chapters were better than others. It just doesn’t seem put together as perfectly as I had hoped. I did like the topics the book covered, good comprehensive checks, great pictures but I did have to go online for youtubes , websites and teachers pay teacher site to get more information. Maybe Ill try it for the last few months. It’s great and it’s not, I would say it’s still the best I could find. I ordered Sonlight and it was too all over the place for me. I need more order.  I also ordered Apologia and it was too boring for me. I liked Abeka, but it wasn’t perfect. I covers everything you’d want your 6th grader to know, you just need to add a little more to the chapters.


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