Homeschooling in Florida

My journey

How to Homeschool

When I first began researching how to home school, I was totally confused. So much information!  The search for information never ends. I’ve listed basic steps you need to begin, along with other popular home school sites to review for classes and curriculum.

Step 1 -Know your state laws regarding Homeschooling   (basically let the state now what you’re doing)

Step 2 -Send a letter of intent to your county – google county and letter of intent.  Pay a little extra to have the envelope signed and returned to you for proof.  Letter of Intent for Broward County

Step 3-  Know the classes you need and decide on the curriculum. Florida’s  offers free high school classes and middle school classes. Reviews on Flvs vary, but it’s a free option. The only drawback is waiting time when you need class help or computer help.  There are many other popular programs -DVD curriculum, books only,  or join a coop with teachers.

Step 4- Find other Homeschoolers – join a group or coop. Check out for organizations and groups, here is the list for florida Florida Homeschool

Step 5- Set up a workspace  – I’m still working on that…….. I heard the library is a great place to start but many don’t open until 10:30 or 12.

Step 6- Begin lesson plans and preparing a portfolio (portfolios vary and I posted a page on this site with useful information, but for right now – no stress, this can wait while you get settled into classes)

Of course- the steps may be turned around a bit, but If you suddenly pulled your child out of school and don’t know where to start- this is a good plan and can all be done in a matter of days, if necessary.

Helpful Highschool links : hslda high school

Florida High School recommended classes : Florida Law High School
Florida Middle School recommended classes : FDOE middle school



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