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Biology -Apologia Exploring Creation 2nd edition. We go to a homeschooling group once a week for our Biology course. I’m not a fan of the book, it seems like a college book and I need more (fun) pictures!  Quiznet and Cram help out  with vocabulary, review and quizzes. I don’t have the workbook or CD – maybe that would make it more fun? ( I just found out they have an app to help with vocabulary Itunes Apologia Biology Flash cards  also check out Donna Youngs Apologia printouts. I heard this is an AP biology course and qualifies student to take a Clep college course for biology to get credi.

Spanish Rosetta Stone– We should be in Spanish 2, but since we bought the entire set 1-5, we decided to start on lesson 1 and I’m glad we did.  I think Spanish 1 can be completed within 1-2 months and it’s a good review of Spanish 1.  Although I see my daughter trekking through an hour each day,  I do stop to test her on words and verb tenses as we move along. It’s much different  than the classroom approach and I’m not sure how much she will know at the end, so I add in my own tests and vocabulary to make sure she is learning everything she needs.  (Rosetta has a homeschool curicculum) – update- I didn’t see a lot of progress with Rosetta after a few months and after researching SAT testing, I didn’t feel it was preparing her for the SAT portion of language. Rosetta was a good – in between- review if a student didn’t have a solid Spanish 1 class. We began Spanish2 online with FLVS and its been work, but so far my daughter finished half the course in 3 months.

Notgrass World History/Lit/Bible class – It sounds good, right? So far its okay and it’s easy for my daughter. We are about 25% done with class. Set comes with World History Book,literature books, quizes, and exams.  Each day’s study has a bible verse and a very short grammar lesson. The History book is very bible based.  I have her do reports (weekly) and I try to find more world history information for her based on the time she is studying.  I think that makes it more interesting. I would like to see more History apart from the Bible. update-    I don’t know if I’d do this again, maybe being in a coop would have helped. I don’ t think it should qualify as a bible course, we considered BSF for a bible course. The literature was very difficult for her to read and keep up with. I wish the literature books came with a program- like vocabulary, writing, testing or literary terms that they should be learning (and to know for SAT). I would have preferred to put her in a Literary/English online course. The history was okay, but for me, it was all over the place. She read through both books and I did my best to make her do weekly reports. I found that letting her pick a relevant subject to each chapter to write on was the best way for to learn. Research and writing- that worked for us

Grammar;  Notgrass doesn’t give the amount of grammar we need. My daughter is in 10th grade, however, she never learned grammar in school – or at least not much. I bought a 6th grade grammar workbook on amazon and that was too difficult, along with an SAT grammar book- but that was too difficult also. I just began Analytical Grammar and I really like it. It comes with a DVD, 2 large workbooks for year and a teachers addition. So far I really like it. – Loved it.

Algebra FLVS– Florida online school. If your child is good at math, this will be a breeze, but otherwise, you may need a tutor. They have weekly online classes for the modules which are very helpful. It is set up well, but they just changed it so I don’t know what the new class is like. I saw they teach statistics in the new Algebra 1. Each Module ends with a review, pretest and a test. The teachers have been wonderful and helpful. There are some drawbacks. The teachers aren’t always available. Many times you can’t move ahead or start a test until you are given a pass from the teacher and that isn’t always available when you are.   The teachers have a lot of time they are not available – either meetings, seminars, etc- and that causes a delay.  If you like order and to stay on your lesson plans, this could get annoying. Other than that, it’s free- and a good course on Algebra. (if you don’t like the new Algebra under common core, check out Teaching Texbooks. We purchased this for geometry and so far we love it. We tried the Geometry with flvs and I couldn’t take it. They made the simplest thing so difficult to understand)

Literature: Books come with the Notgrass. They are good classics. some are enjoyable and some aren’t. I do wish they had some kind of curriculum with vocabulary and the literary breakdown of the books to prepare them for the SAT. I suggest you review previous SAT Literature tests as part of your curriculum. I have to add in my own vocabulary- I found on SAT tests and the literary breakdowns I had to find on the flvs site to see what they are teaching.

Bible: The World History book has a lot of bible history. We are also in BSF with daily homework.
Drama: Fort Lauderdale Christmas pageant
Social : Homeschool group meetings, , youth group , sunday school, BSF , Biology class
Extra: guitar, italian,
Volunteer Work: Sheridan House Ministries, Autistic Youth in Miami, Covenant Village

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