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Good Study techniques – Study like a genius

The following notes were taken from a lecture “Study like a genius”  by Woody Robertson


  •   Studies have shown the best breakfast before learning (or taking a test) is a high protein breakfast – nuts, smoothies, etc
  • NO Caffeine! He said it was a drug ( I wanted to hide under my chair after I heard that)
  • Make sure to get 8 hours of sleep each night.  Some of history’s famous inventors and genius’ would take a short nap in the day and when they woke up (20 min) all their thoughts had sorted out and they could understand what they couldn’t before. So, if you child is drained , take a break.
  • Cardio in the morning gets the oxygen in your brain moving
  • drink water
  • use your hands as your read, you will read faster, you will have more concentration and your eyes won’t roam – which they do when your reading – you just haven’t realized it yet. You hands blocks other words and helps you keep focus
  • Always find a a quiet place – no music
  • consider learning speed reading and memorization skills. I tested myself, I read 310wpm and when I used my hand to follow along, it increased to 410wpm – pretty cool.  Drill: find something you’ve already read, reread it 2x and then another 2x and the 4th time read it normal. Take in as much info as possible. According to the speaker, if you do this drill for 3 weeks, for 16 min, 2x a day -am and pm – you will see an increased change in ability to take in more information.  I’m not convinced, but I’d love to speed read.  Maybe I’ll try it. The fastest reader today can read 50,000wpm- that’s crazy. I want to do that.
  • More tips on speed reading:  1st skim entire book, 1 page per second and run thumb down page to get an idea of what is in book. 2nd scan chapter to read 3rd – read at your pace with your hand. 4th keep your speed, if you don’t understand something, you’ll mark it with a quick pencil mark but keep going. 5th give yourself 20 minute segments of learning, take a 3-5 min change of scenery break and keep on. 6th remember! use your memory skills – what did I just read? have a mental picure -fpg file, picture and glue it in your brain – make a rhyming list to help you memorize or a story plot to help you memorize.


Check out the FREE audio downloads from college plus  I thought their resources were great and full of good information. Check it out , I liked the bachelors degree by 18, it gives you a lot to think about.


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Home school high school: preparing for college (Florida) Clep, Dual Enrollment, scholarships, common app, preparing transcripts

Many of the sites listed below were given at the FPEA conference during lectures ( and additional research) about preparing for college. Topics covered:  Common App, AP, Scholarships, Course Requirements, Testing, 4 year planning, transcripts, etc.

Talent searches mentioned: (start in middle school or younger)

More Info and sites to review:

Florida Graduation Requirements 4 options listed

Bright Futures Scholarship:

  • Bright Futures for Home School Students: is for Florida students entering Florida colleges. There are 3 levels of bright futures; Academic FAS, Medallion FMS and the Gold seal vocational. Required : 4 maths, 4 years of English,3 years of Science with lab- Chemistry, Anatomy, Biology, Marine Biology, Physics. American History, Gov and Eco, Social Studies and 2 credits of a foreign language. 1/2 year of health,1/2 PE aka HOPE.
  • ACT/SAT Scores for bright futures= 1200+/29+ . For FMS it is 11701+/26+ and for homeschool students (?) its 1220+/27+.  Homelife shared this information. They help homeschoolers prepare for college and offer a service to keep transcripts and offer high school diplomas. Make sure you write course numbers down for the high school courses you take, they said this will be a big help when you begin your transcripts.  Check out their site and recommended courses if you plan on attending a 4 yr university :College bound students chart B. Volunteer hours needed for B.F. – 100 hours for FAS, 75 hours for Medallion and 30 hours for Gold seal.
  • Bright futures scholarship awards FAS- 4 year university -$103 per hour per semester=$1200 (FMS pays $77) 2 year college – $63/ phps (FMS pays $48) Fla. Public College – $71/ sem. hour ($63 to get AA) Tech center – $52 ($38 fms)
      • A parent-generated transcript will not be accepted for Bright Futures evaluation.  Bright Futures accepts only sealed, official transcripts from the following sources:
          • Florida public high school,
          • Florida Virtual School,
          • Dual-enrollment coursework from a Florida state (community) college or university, FDOE-registered private high school.
    • In order to submit transcripts, a Florida private school must be registered with the FDOE School Choice Office. Registration confirmation will be required for a minimum of the last academic year indicated on the transcript.  To confirm that a school met the registration requirement, you may contact the School Choice Office by e-mail or call toll-free 1-800-447-1636.

Start preparing now: Make a 4 year plan, visit campuses, write a novel, do something different in your summer time like independent studies – put everything in your portfolio. Consider: how rigorous are your studies? learn to take tests (more test = higher scores), community service, extra curricular activities, part time job, look into congressional award

  1. In 9th grade start your 4 year plan, community service, leadership skills. list of preparations for 9th grade from Westminster Academy
  2. In 10th grade begin taking SAT tests. Lowest scores don’t count and its a good way to prepare for testing.  The ending scores will be the highest score on both parts of test. The best morning breakfast before a test is a high protein breakfast. It’s recommended to take SAT prep courses in summer. list of preparations for 10th grade
  3. In 11th grade, try to get into dual enrollment. Make sure to keep your grades up and start your testing. Start visiting colleges.PSAT : list of preparations for 11th grade from Westminster Academy
  4. In 12th grade fill out your FAFSA form form



At Broward College

Dual Enrollment classes at Bryan College- about $300 per class

Early College at


CLEP TESTINGClep advising – from what I heard, a lot of AP high school courses could prepare you to clep out of college classes. For example, the Apologia Biology, an AP biology course, is similar to the college course (Saxon math also). After you finish course you sign up for a clep test on college biology (prepare!) and when passed, you now have a college credit for the course and you don’t need to take it. I heard pros and cons on this.  According to what I heard, If you have too many classes clepped or completed through dual enrollment, it may get in the way with being approved for scholarships. If you have too many credits you won’t be considered a freshman, but will be considered a transfer student. This can nullify scholarships fyi – not all colleges accept clep exams. Clep yahoo group with info. Another site with more information :  and Clep prep





AP courses – 3 ways to take AP courses: online (see , with a teacher or high school. $45 AP test  from College board website  to receive college credit with a score of 3+. Register for exams
ome schools accept AP courses as credit. 34 ecams are offered, they are 3 hour long, high scores are considered for scholarships, exams offered only once a year in May


Other Ideas mentioned: some students benefit from taking one subject at a time and finishing course in 3 months.  For instance, math and writing would always be a daily constant but you would do science every day for 3 months (map it out on calendar to finish on time) and then start history when science ends. I heard this worked good for a lot of students – keeping focus on one subject all the time instead of skipping around and trying to remember what you did yesterday.

Degree by 18-  Home school students are receiving a 4 year degree by senior year. It seems it can be done cheaper than regular college.  Thomas Edison State College was the main college discussed. According to what I heard, they take almost every clep test so a student can enter with almost 1-2 years already finished. More information : College Plus. There are pros and cons to this, I wasn’t sold on this for some reason. I  need to look into it further.

Online Florida College Options

Overwhelmed? Get help through (paid) services such as: Homelifeacademy or The Home Scholar
Increase SAT scores with College Prep Genius and Prepping for college

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