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Above is my favorite home school planner.  I’ve tried the other planners and online home school planners but this works best for me.  My favorite, out of all online planners was the home school manager. Click here for more info :

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I purchased Notgrass Adam to Us for my 7th grader this upcoming year.  I think its’ going to be perfect.

Last year we did Bob Jones bju Heritage studies 6 Ancient Civilizations and it was great.

Heritage studies was a good prep study for what is ahead in  Notgrass . Notgrass from Adam to us is like a detailed timeline. We did a basic overview of all civilizations last year with heritage studies and now with Notgrass we will go into more detail.

It slightly reminds me of the Classical Conversation timeline, but here they  spend one day learning each new fact on the timeline. Daily reading is just the right amount- not overwhelming with good bright pictures which, in my opinion, help keep focus.

I have planned out the first 100 days of school  in my planner, allowing for a 4 day school week. My daughter doesn’t love reading unless its something ridiculous SO I purchased the read along cd for the Adam to Us Book and I found MANY of the literature books on audible amazon and hoopla- a free audible benefit with our county library so she can read along

I looked at the time for some of the daily reading and its about 30-40 minutes of reading a day- meaning the amount of time read per day in the literature books, time based on what I saw on audible per chapter.

Notgrass History can count as History, Geography, Bible, Literature and Writing, andVocabulary

I’d say it definitely counts as history and Literature for the entire year. The mix of literature, timeline and geography are great tools for helping them understand what they are reading instead of the usual study , test, forget cycle.

Geography, in reality, probably 1/2 year of geography

Not enough writing. (We love  daily journal prompts ( a workbook purchased at a teacher store) , that sparks her creativity and I tell her there are not limits to imagination. I also try to not do so much critique but I do take note and add any misspelled words to her spelling list and reteach any grammar areas that are lacking)

Vocabulary- I made my own list with words from my plan for each week in history, literature books and added words from worldly wise 8 to keep a list of 20-22 words a week. (If you want my first 12 week list of vocabulary for notgrass history and literture, leave a message and Ill either post it or send it to you)

Bible- Bible is woven throughout the entire history timeline. There are occasional bible verses to read in the homework area each week but I don’t know if I would call it a complete curriculum. I am  working on my own curriculum now because I haven’t found anything that I like. It’s on Corinthians, I will post it when it’s complete so you can download free. I might offer it for sale if you want a bound edition with teachers edition and both bound, but also want to offer it free.

well off I go, if you have any questions on my 6th grade curriculum or 7th grade just ask!

Ive homeschooled grades 4-12, have one daughter in 3rd year of college, another daughter going into 12th grade but finished early so we are starting college dual enrollment.

God bless and remember God is always there for you so you don’t need to worry about tomorrow and dont let anyone steal your joy!

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