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Spanish 2 Rosetta Stone Home school review section 1

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2014/ September update: I switched out of Rosetta stone mid year. It seems easy to go through the lessons, but when I would quiz my daughter, she didn’t know a lot. Rosetta seems fine if you casually want to learn a language or if you are going to another country but I didn’t feel it was right for a spanish class. I switched to an online interactive class through flvs and it was better than expected. She had to interact, talk, have conversations and write in Spanish – which is not part of Rosetta. I was happy with my decision. I did see Mango at the FPEA home school convention. It was different and fascinating, but I think it might be best for someone who wants to quickly learn a language in order to travel. I’d like to try Mango, but not willing to put in another investment like I did with Rosetta. That’s my humble opinion, and I’ve spoken to a few other moms who feel the same way. If you are considering Rosetta, you might want to try a free version at a local library before you invest your money.

This week we are taking a break from the online Rosetta Stone program and reviewing words and verb conjugation.  Although student seems to be doing well on Rosetta, when I stopped to quiz her on vocabulary and verbs she was reading along to- she did not know the vocabulary. I created this and other posts to help her more fully understand Spanish 2 at a high school level. Conjugate the following common spanish verbs: Use this site to help you:

  1. Cambiar
  2. Escribir
  3. Estudiar
  4. Ensenar
  5. Trabajar
  6. Esparar
  7. Limpiar
  8. Escuchar
  9. Encontrar
  10. Comprar
  11. Hablar
  12. Pagar
  13. Leer
  14. oir
  15. Dormir
  16. Comer
  17. Poder

Study Tener and Venir: Study Ser and Estar: Study Ir and dar : Test your knowledge: ar verbs er verbs : ir verbs:

Author: Ancient Paths

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