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Notgrass World History Review Units 1-6, Lessons 1-30

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World History Review  Unit 1

  1. What year did the United States first exist as a country? Pg9
  2. Other parts of the world consider America Eastern or Western Civilization? Pg 13
  3. Africa and Asia are considered Eastern or Western? Pg 13
  4. Where is our English language traced back to? Pg 12
  5. What country helped America break away from the British? Pg 12
  6. Give an example of how a religion has affected history pg 15-16
  7. In 1600-1700 how were Kings viewed? Pg 17
  8. What was John Locke important for? Pg 17
  9. What is our national motto? Pg 18
  10. When government sees religion as the enemy, the results are______. Pg 19


  1. Name two attributes of God. Pg 21
  2. Read Jude 6, 1 Timothy 3:6 and John 10;10, John 8;44, 1 John 3:8, 1 Peter 5:8- What does that tell you about satan?
  3. Read Isaiah 14:12-15 and Ez 28:12-19 : do you have an opinion on these verses? Pg 23
  4. John 1:1-3 Everything was created through whom?

Grammar Review

  1. What are the three types of prepositions? Pg 6
  2. Define a Verb. (pg 10)
  3. For a sentence to have a direct object, an _______  __________ must be present.
  4. A direct object received the action of a _________. Pg 20

World History Review  Unit 2

  1. Cain built a city, who was it named after? Pg 36
  2. Name 2 major contrasts which characterize early history. Pg 36
  3. Did Enoch die? Pg 37
  4. Name Noah’s three sons. Pg 37
  5. What year did Archbishop James Ussher conclude that the earth was created? Pg 41
  6. What year do other cultures believe? Pg 41
  7. What was Thomas Aquinas known for? Pg 45
  8. What tree/s was/were forbidden in the garden of Eden? Pg 28
  9. The author tells us it is best to take Genesis as a ______________ whole and to understand it all to be _______________. Pg 29
  10. What is Enuma Elish and what country is it from? Pg 30
  11. Who killed his brother? Cain or Abel? Pg 33
  12. The ________ ___________names the person to whom or for whom (or thing) and action is done. Pg 31

Define Noun pg 35

Define Pronoun pg 39

World History Review  Unit 3

  1. Where was Sumer located?  Pg 51-53
  2. What kind of work was most popular in Sumer? Pg 53
  3. What type of commerce was popular among Sumerians? Pg 53
  4. What is a Ziggurat? Pg 53
  5. What is Cuneiform? Pg 56
  6. Define Cuneus. Pg 54
  7. Name the two important rivers described in Genesis. pg 51
  8. Define civilization pg 51
  9. What is a nomad? (definition not in book, only mentioned on pgs 51-51)
  10. Who was Sargon? Pg 54
  11. Who built Babylon? Pg 54
  12. What is the longest river in the world? Pg 56
  13. Does this river run east to west or north to south? Pg 56
  14. Name a country along this river. Pg 56
  15. How did the people of Egypt view Pharaoh? Pg 57
  16. Who was the only female Pharaoh? Pg 58
  17. Define Menes and Hyskos pg 58
  18. What is the Rosetta stone and what year was it found and by whom? Pg 59
  19. Name two forms of Hieroglyphics (sacred carving). Pg 59
  20. What did the Egyptians use in 2600bc for writing ? pg 59
  21. Name Sumerian Contributions to our world. Pg 61
  22. Name contributions from Egypt. Pg 62
  23. What is the largest religious building in the world? Pg 63
  24. When was the first pyramid built? Pg 63
  25. What was Hammurabi’s code and how did say he receive it? 65
  26. Name 4-6 conjunctions. Pg 55
  27. What is the difference between a coordinating conjunction and a correlative conjunction? Pg 55
  28. A descriptive adjective modifies a ___________ or _____________.
  29. What does and adverb tell? Pg 64
  30. What are the two (or 3) ancient countries that are now called Iraq? Pg 67
  31. What two rivers flowed through the Garden of Eden? Pg 67
  32. Where was the tower of Babel? Pg 67
  33. What was Saddam known for? Pg 69
  34. Nineveh is located in what country? Pg 68

World History Review  Unit 4

  1. What happened at the tower of Babel? Pg 73
  2. What did the Lord promise to Abraham? Pg 73
  3. Who did Abraham marry?
  4. What were the names of Abraham’s sons?
  5. Name Jacobs sons pg 75-75
  6. Define Patriarch pg 76
  7. Name two times Abrahame misled others to protect his own life. Pg 81
  8. Name three types of Nomads pg 83
  9. Describe what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah ? pg 87-89
  10. What did Abraham ask God? Pg 88
  11. Name Jacob’s two wives. Pg 91
  12. Who was Joseph’s mother? Pg 91
  13. Why did Jacob send his sons to Egypt? Pg 93
  14. Joseph forgave his brothers, how is the story of Jesus similar?
  15. What is a predicate?

World History Review Unit 5

  1. When did the Shang Dynasty rule and what country? Pg 99
  2. What religion was growing in India at this time? Pg 99
  3. What method did Pharaoh use in ethnic cleansing? Pg 99
  4. Names the plagues of Egypt (see10 commandments and list of plagues)
  5. Why did Israel grumble? Pg 104-105
  6. Name the 10 commandments
  7. What tribe was Moses from? Pg 107
  8. How old was Moses when God called him at the burning bush? Pg 107
  9. Read over Moses’ excuses on pg 108-109. How would you have responded?
  10. God revealed His name to Moses as “______ ________” pg 110
  11. What was the name of Ruth’s mother in law? Pf 113(in box)
  12. What country did they go to? Pg 114
  13. Whose field did Ruth work in? pg 115
  14. What piece of clothing was used in the marriage negotiation as custom? Pg 118-119
  15. Who was their great grandson that would be a great king? Pg 119-120
  16. What is a clause?

World History Review Unit 6

  1. Timeline: Moses, Joshua, Judges, Kings: what is the difference between Judges and Kings?
  2. The people wanted a king, what did God say they were doing by asking for this? Pg 131
  3. Who was the first king to rule Israel? Pg 132
  4. Who ruled after him? Pg 132
  5. Name the two Kingdoms they divided into: ________ and ________ pg 132-133
  6. Why did Israel fall? Pg 133 last paragraph
  7. What nation invaded Israel the northern kingdom in 721? Pg 133
  8. What nation did God use to punish Judah between 606-586? Pg 134
  9. What does monotheistic mean? Pg 135
  10. The Jews rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem under whose leadership? Pg 135
  11. What area did Philistia occupy? Pg 137
  12. What were the 5 main cities of Philistia? Pg 137
  13. Who were the Philistines descendants of ? pg 137
  14. What famous Philistine did David conquer? Pg 137
  15. What years did the Hittites flourish in Asia Minor? Pg 138
  16. What were the Hittites known for? Pg 138
  17. What area did the Phoenicians occupy? Pg 138
  18. What were the Phoenicians known for? Pg 138
  19. The Assyrians were descendants of _________, the son of ________ . pg 139
  20. Where was this city located? Pg 139
  21. What were the Assyrians known for?
  22. Who reigned after King David died? Pg 147
  23. What years did King Solomon reign? Pg 147
  24. What books did King Solomon write? Pg 148
  25. What land did King Solomon rule? Pg 148
  26. King Hiram was the king of what county? Pg 149
  27. What did King Solomon build (3 things)? Pb 149-150
  28. What was Solomon’s downfall? Pg 152
  29. What is a prophet? Pg 153
  30. What did they warn the people of ? pg 153
  31. What other job did the prophet Amos have? Pg 154
  32. What kingdom to Amos prophecy against?
  33. What does God promise in Amos 9:11-15? Pg 157

**This can be an open book midterm, make sure you keep records of weekly reports as indicated after each lesson**

Author: Ancient Paths

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

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